Week 3-old


You will watch a video about modeling, complex systems, and agent-based modeling. You will also read an article titled “Why Model?” which the lecture is based upon and which describes more examples of modeling. You will use a web-based program called Toolblox to investigate a Fish evolution model and answer some questions.

Download the Modeling Video (146 MB, ZIP)

Assignment 1

Read the essay “Why Model?” Respond to this question in the forum: How would you convince a teacher to try modeling in his or her classroom? How would you advise him or her to start?

Forum: “Why Model” reading assignment

Assignment 2

Use Toolblox to investigate the EvoFish model. Follow the directions in the project description, copy and paste the questions in a separate document, and copy/paste the questions and your answers along with a reflection about the activity in the forum.

Note: Before you click the buttons in the model, click “Run Code” at the top of the page.

Forum: Reflections on EvoFish assignment