Week 2-old

Integrating curriculum and games

You will watch 3 videos that show connections between games and classroom curriculum. Then you will play some games, choose one to evaluate, and discuss how a teacher might use the game in the classroom. Also you will read an article about how teachers can use digital games, simulations and social media for teaching and learning.

Video 1

Scot Osterweil presents a classroom case study about Lure of the Labyrinth.

Download the Using Games in the Classroom: A Labyrinth Case Study Video (114 MB, ZIP)

Video 2

Susannah Gordon-Messer talks about MMOs for learning and demos Radix (math/science game).

Download the Multiplayer Online Games for Learning Video (68 MB, ZIP)

Video 3

Jen Groff talks about Using Games in the Classroom with the Playful Learning portal.

Download the Using Games in the Classroom Video (36 MB, ZIP)

Assignment 1

Choose a game from the Game Up portal or Playful Learning, evaluate it using the Game Review Tool and describe how to connect the game to classroom curriculum in the forum.
TIPS: Decide what your most important factors are: the learning goals or content of our classroom? your price point? the platform the game can run on? It helps to go through the Game Review Tool first before looking at any games, and reflect on what you’re current constraints and needs are. Then you’ll be in a better position to tell whether a game is a good fit or not.

Forum: Reflections on Game Up assignment

Assignment 2

Read “The Instructional Power of digital games, social networking, simulations and how teachers can leverage them” by Eric Klopfer, Scot Osterweil, Jennifer Groff, and Jason Haas. Discuss in the forum.

Forum: “The Instructional Power of Digital Games…” reading assignment