Week 5

1. In this week…

In this week, you will learn about how to design a game with goals in mind, and meaningful and challenging rules. After watching the video, you will be guided in creating a “pitch” for a new educational game, using words and pictures.

Designing Learning Games Video [ ZIP, 130 MB, 540 p ]
Designing Learning Games Video Slides [ PDF ]
Designing Learning Games Video Transcript [ PDF ]
MDA Framework File [ PDF ]

2. Designing Games

Watch the video about the game design process by Jason Haas.

Transcript [ PDF ]

3. Assignment


Create a “pitch” for a new educational game.

  • Include an explanation for what the game might be and why it would be useful.
  • Describe who your audience for the game is, what the game is about, and how you envision it being played.
  • You do not have to actually design the game, but making little versions and playing with your friends might give you some great insights.
  • Feel free to try out ideas presented in this course.